My family has owned dogs since 1985 (standard schnauzers pepper and salt, german shepherds, collie and yorkshire terriers) Irish soft coated wheaten terriers stepped into our family in 1995 and we felt in love totally with this breed. Founder of our wheaten breeding program was ICh.Antoanette Queen Wheaten Darling „Quena“. Our dogs are held with great love and passion, we always have a limited amount of dogs at home. Over the years our wheatens reached together more than 360 champion titles and 22 International beauty champions. They include European and World Winners, Best in show speciality and many more top winning dogs bred or owned under the KNÍ-YORK affix. Having lived and known wheaten terriers all these
years has been our greatest passion.  Wheatens are not only beautiful and cute companions but elegant, smart and active, healthy and long-lived.



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Our dogs

ICH.EJW U’Wish Irish Oudrey Kni-Yorkmore info
ICH. Kiss Me Keissy Kní-Yorkmore info
CH. Aireen Kní-York White Ambermore info
EJW’19 CH Flare Kní-York z Tržištěmore info

EW’17 EJW ICH House of Softy Orlando more info
EJW,ICH Bon Aquarel Zorro –
more info

In memoriam
WW’10, WVW’12, EJW’05 ICH Armando Mario Della Quattrocento –
more info
ICH. VetEW’17  Lovely Sonny Kní-York –
 more info 
ICH. EW’03 Barbara Bush Kní-York
more info
ICH,Vet EW Elisabeth Taylor Kní-York – more info
ICH. Daymon Soft Kní-York – more info

ICH, Vet WW’06. Antoanette Queen Wheaten Darling – more info
ICH. Omar Wheaten vom Wolfshorstmore info

KNÍ-YORK wheatens

USA.Ch Unique Beauty Una Kni-York – more info
Vice WorldW,EJW Valentino V.I.P. Kni-York picture
ICH. Victory for HOS Kni-York – picture
JCH, AmstW. Trending Topic Kní-Yorkmore info
IR JCH,CH Tristan Tobias Kní-York more info
ICH Possible Rosalie Kní-York – more info
ICH Quality Quattro Kní-York
ICH. Petite Patricia Kní-York
Ch. William Robins Kní-York – picture
ICH. Nice Monique Kní-York
ICh. New Star Nessy Kní-York
Ch. Michell Ellen Kní-York – picture
JCh Tom Cruise Kní-York
ViceEW.ICH. Adrienka Soft Kní-York
Ch. Aurinnka Softík Kní-Yorky
JCH Vanessa May Kní-York – picture
Ch. Indiann Jones Kní-York – more info
Ch. Iryss I Love You Kní-York
CH. Iness Inushka Kní-York – picture
Ch. Aurinnka Softík Kní-Yorky
Ch. Aschinnta Softík Kní-York
Ch. Assanta Softík Kní-York
Ch. Bertolucci Softík Kní-York
Ch. Cinssana Softík Kní-York
Ch. Claudia Softík Kní-York
ICH Eiminka Softík Kní-York
JCh Esmeralda Soft Kní-York
ICH. Diana Ross Kní-York – more info
ICH. Falkon Soft Kní-York
ICH. Ferrari Soft Kní-York
CH. Fidorka Soft Kní-York
CH. Fanchita Soft Kní-York
CH. Harisson Ford Kní-York
CH. Cheirynn Chelssy Kní-York
Ch. Charlie Chaplin Kní-York
Ch. Charlon Kní-York